Suspension of ‘Build My DreamSite’ feature!

Suspension of ‘Build My DreamSite’ feature!

We are extremely sorry to inform you that the ‘Build My DreamSite’ service will remain suspended from 20th February, 2019 to 25th March, 2019 due to maintenance activity. We are taking this opportunity to optimise our servers and fix memory leaks. We are also going to put in the latest cPanel for additional features. Our bandwidth capacities are also likely to increase. We are investing all we have earned till date from your donations into this endeavour.

Hope you shall understand the cause for suspending the service. The service shall be restarted from 25th March, 2019 at 3:00PM IST or a few minutes earlier. Please check the News Desk for more information. We shall be posting immediately before the service is restarted.

Thanks to all of you because we are able to invest the amount from your donations.


The Panther WebTech Team.

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